What people are saying about the Trunk Muscle Reset Diet

  • I’m so happy to firm-up my body this much doing exercise over such a short period of time. I’ve lost 7 kg and have a much tighter body.
    female, 45 years old
  • An easy-to-understand book, you can start your diet straight away as you read. I lost 3 kg in 5 days and my body feels so much lighter.
    female, 46 years old
  • My weight went down by 3 kg after exercising daily. I could see the results in one week. I’m so pleased!!
    female, 31 years old
  • When my friend said she lost 4 kg in 2 weeks, I had a go and lost 5 kg in 1 month! I wish I’d known sooner just how easy it is to get these results.
    female, 13 years old
  • I couldn’t lose weight no matter what I tried, but now in less than 2 months I’ve lost 5 kg, and I’m sticking to it. I’m recommending this diet to all my friends.
    female, 39 years old
  • It’s still only my third day but my pants are a little looser around my waist.
    male, 33 years old
  • After doing the exercises I strengthened my core and lost about 10 kg. My muscle mass has improved too which is a surprise.
    female, 71 years old
  • I’ve tried many different diets but after working on this book I comfortably lost 5 kg in a short space of time which makes me so happy.
    female, 65 years old
  • Common sense has been completely turned upside down. What I’m most happy about is that you shouldn’t over exercise, you only need to form the right habits in using your muscles so 5 minutes a day is fine. By doing this to create a body that actively burns fat, slimming parts of my figure I’ve always worried about, is really like a dream come true!!
    female, 50 years old
  • I tried it for two weeks. I was dripping with sweat when I started but after two or three days my back and hips started to firm up and I got my waist back.
    female, 38 years old
  • Of all the diet books I’ve read before this is the one where I really felt like I could change my body. I want to keep this a secret, just like it says in the title (laughs).
    female, 31 years old
  • Easy to understand, I finished the book in a day and started straight away. I’m really happy I bought this book. No matter how old I get I want to keep my back straight.
    female, 71 years old
  • I’ve never had the perseverance for anything but about two weeks after starting the exercises in this book I bumped into a friend who said that I looked like I had lost weight, which made me happy.
    female, 52 years old
  • I was really interested in buying this book as it ranked highly in the bookstore’s bestseller list. I lost 3 kg in two weeks and my appearance changed. Tips on meal times are also given and it’s easy to put into practice.
    female, 16 years old
  • I never knew there’s an effective way to lose weight just by exercising for 5 minutes every day. I’ve been doing it for one week now and I can really see it working on my hips. It’s a book I want to recommend to others.
    female, 23 years old
  • Even though the exercises are simple and easy to do, my body got hot and I was dripping with sweat. I could really see how this works.
    female, 54 years old
  • When I was young, I never dreamed of getting fat but my metabolism got low... Even for someone at my age, I was able to see the effects after just two weeks. I’m so happy to find this book!
    female, 66 years old
  • I’d always found it quite difficult to work up a sweat before. But with this diet I sweated a lot and at the same time my body felt less tired.
    female, 39 years old
  • Maybe it’s because of my age that it’s so hard to lose weight, so I bought the book without even thinking. I’m still doing the diet now and have lost 4 kg in 2 months.
    female, 59 years old
  • I’m so surprised to be able to lose weight from those difficult areas!! My body gets really warm too.
    female, 33 years old
  • After doing the diet for two weeks I was able to reduce the size of my thighs, an area of my body I’d always been worried about. I lost 2 kg in weight, I’m so happy to find this book! I’ve got a wedding coming up soon so I’ll try even harder!!
    female, 27 years old
  • I lost 1 kg one day after starting the diet. I’m surprised at how quickly this works.
    female, 28 years old
  • I did the exercises just as the book says, paid attention to what I was eating and lost 5 kg in 2 months and I’m not even doing any other exercise. I’ve come across a diet I can carry on with without overdoing it.
    female, 39 years old
  • I bought the book thinking it probably wouldn’t work. After doing the exercises for just a short a time I got muscle ache in places where I’ve never had muscle ache before! My work uniform now feels much looser around my waist.
    female, 49 years old
  • My slightly bowlegs got straight in two weeks. My body heats up with just 5 minutes exercise.
    female, 32 years old
  • It was an easy-to-read book and very positive, so much so that I couldn’t wait to see what I’d look like after 3 months’ time.
    female, 45 years old
  • I was skeptical that I could really lose weight doing exercise for just 5 minutes a day, but my waist got 5 cm smaller in 2 weeks.
    male, 45 years old
  • My stiff shoulders disappeared. I’ll keep on doing it.
    female, 68 years old
  • As a result of doing the diet for half a year, my base body temperature and base metabolism improved.
    female, 33 years old
  • My back ache and stiff shoulders got better. “I get tired of things very easily but 5 minutes of exercise is just right. I’m recommending this diet to people I know. The fact that you don’t have to try hard is great.
    female, 48 years old
  • I’m doing the exercises with my husband before going to bed. My flabby waist got tighter and I lost fat from my upper arms. My health has got better and I’m happy that for the first time I can keep on going.
    female, 68 years old
  • My weight has dropped, I’m no longer constipated all the time, and my skin feels so much better. I’ve tried lots of different diets and always failed up until now so I’m really happy with this one. Thank you.
    female, 55 years old
  • I hate doing exercise. The heading “Lose weight without even trying” really struck a chord with me, so for now I’m doing the exercises every day. Thanks to a better posture, my really bad stiff shoulders, and the headaches that come with it, have stopped.
    female, 29 years old
  • I’m amazed how you can reset your core with 5 exercises for 5 minutes a day. Not needing to overdo it is fantastic too!
    female, 51 years old
  • It’s very good. This one book works way better than a sports club!! I’ll keep on doing it.
    female, 20 years old
  • I’m so pleased my waist size reduced by 5 cm in 2 months by doing these exercises and nothing else.
    female, 57 years old
  • I was unsure whether I could lose weight just by doing such simple exercises but it’s really changed my style! I’m more than pleasantly surprised that my waist is tighter and my thighs have got smaller by 1 cm in two weeks.
    female, 40 years old
  • I’m amazed that my hips have lifted and my shoulders are level with the Trunk Muscle Reset Diet. Now I know that the way I’d been using my core up until now had been all wrong. I’ll keep on doing it.
    female, 32 years old
  • More than just being able to lose weight, I’m happy that my stiff neck and shoulders, headaches, constipation and poor circulation have all got better. Every day is a happy day.
    female, 56 years old





The Trunk Muscle Reset Diet - That Top Models Have Kept Secret

copies sold

The Trunk Muscle Reset Diet - Thin Down Just Where You Need It Over 120,000 copies sold



The Trunk Muscle Reset Diet - That Top Models Have Kept Secret On Sale

The Trunk Muscle Reset Diet - Thin Down Just Where You Need It On Sale


South Korea

The Trunk Muscle Reset Diet - That Top Models Have Kept Secret On Sale

The Trunk Muscle Reset Diet - Thin Down Just Where You Need It On Sale



The Trunk Muscle Reset Diet - That Top Models Have Kept Secret On Sale



The Trunk Muscle Reset Diet - That Top Models Have Kept Secret On Sale



The Trunk Muscle Reset Diet - That Top Models Have Kept Secret Coming Soon



The Trunk Muscle Reset Diet - That Top Models Have Kept Secret Coming Soon


Czech Republic

The Trunk Muscle Reset Diet - That Top Models Have Kept Secret Coming Soon



The Trunk Muscle Reset Diet - That Top Models Have Kept Secret Coming Soon


Kenichi Sakuma

Personal trainer and body sculpting specialist.

Physical trainer for everyone from many non-celebrities to top models, including Japanese contestants in the world renowned Miss International and Miss World contests. Kenichi has also worked with Miss International models from the United States, France and the United Kingdom. A trusted trainer within the entertainment industry, Kenichi is often hired by talent agencies and has a wealth of experience supervising magazine shoots and TV appearances. Kenichi runs a physical training studio called CharmBody with personal gyms in Japan in Omotesando, Ginza, Nagoya, and Osaka, and overseas in New York, Los Angeles, Singapore and Shanghai. He also has body sculpting stores in Paris, London, Milan and Sydney. Kenichi has been an accomplished trainer since his student days working with as many as 4,000 clients each year and up to a total number of 436 clients in one month. He studied exercise physiology at the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) in the US state of Colorado. Kenichi is the author of The Trunk Muscle Reset Diet - That Top Models Have Kept Secret and The Trunk Muscle Reset Diet - Thin Down Just Where You Need It (both published by Sunmark).

Office information

  • Japan Omotesando (Main Store) / Ginza / Nagoya / Osaka / Fukuoka
  • United States New York / Beverly Hills, LA / Rodeo Drive, LA
  • France Paris
  • United Kingdom London
  • China Shanghai
  • South Korea Seoul
  • Hong Kong Hong Kong


What is the Trunk Muscle Reset Diet?

Make those difficult parts of the body slimmer without having to persevere! The secret diet used by models, where you don’t even have to try.

One-minute exercises, reduced frequency in two weeks, OK to quit after two months - the amazing diet plan that has taken away the worries of Miss International contestants, models and celebrities.
The secret lies in the “model trunk muscles”. “Model trunk muscles” is a term used to describe the core muscles top models use but most other women fail to work on. Learning to use these core muscles increases the body’s base metabolism, burning more fat. And because the muscles of the whole body get used in a well-balanced way, it has the effect of making those hard to slim areas naturally thinner. Shown to have great results on plump tummies, loose thighs, big hips and flabby arms.
What’s more, the body naturally becomes accustomed to using the trunk muscles through continual exercise, meaning you can stop once the body has adapted.
The Trunk Muscle Reset Diet - That Top Models Have Kept Secret shows how we can eat for better weight loss, and covers ways to combat stagnant routines and overeating as well as promoting a way to lose pounds quickly. The Trunk Muscle Reset Diet - Thin Down Just Where You Need It introduces instant 1-minute ‘size-down’ exercises to do throughout the day to help get slim.
This diet is set up for success, ensuring you won’t give up again.
translation Alexander Peyton